Delivering reliable and robust control requirements across all major industries


Experienced Engineers maintaining your systems to the highest degree possible


Delivering tailored solutions to all industries

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Established for over fourteen years, Contact Auto Technical Services have consistently delivered quality industrial electrical installations and maintenance throughout the UK, for some of the World’s biggest brands.

Our client list contains some of the biggest and most globally-recognisable names as happy and returning customers.

Control Panels

Design, manufacturer, test and maintenance.

Robotic Controls

Robot control and electrical installation


Controls and solutions for the Petro-Chemical industry.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor control & automation.

Paint Application

Paint Application control systems.

Part Tracking

Part-tracking systems designed & installed.


Systems for the Aerospace Industry.

Pump Handling

Pump handling systems/co-agulation plants.

PLC Upgrades

Upgrades and Maintenance for PLC.

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